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API documentation


This document describes API version 0 revision number 2.

Website: bitonic.nl
URL to this document: bitonic.nl/api/0/bitonic-oauth
Author: Roy van Zanten & Niels van Groningen
Company e-mail: contact@bitonic.nl
Author e-mail: dev@bitonic.nl

Table of Contents

  1. Sharing secrets
    1. Keys & secrets
    2. Company information
  2. URL & Required parameters
    1. URL
    2. Required parameters
    3. Optional parameters
    4. Signing

1. Sharing secrets and info

  1. Bitonic and the partner will share the following values safely:

    consumer_key (max length: 32bytes)

    The consumer_secret and token_secret will be kept secret.
    Its essential only bitonic and the partner know these secrets.

  2. Sharing information

    Bitonic and the partner will also share the following information:

    • Company name to show at Bitonic
    • A prefix value to show at Bitonic in front of the given ext_data value (like a '@' character if the ext_data value is a twittername) (This value is optional).
    • Company logo image in PNG format, preferably with transparent background
    • Return url to go back to when the user needs to transfer the regarding bitcoins to Bitonic when selling bitcoins to Bitonic. (This value is optional).

2. URL & Required parameters

  1. Constructing the customer URL


    Buying Bitcoins: Perform a request with optional parameter ordertype=buy
    Selling Bitcoins: Perform a request with mandatory parameter ordertype=sell

  2. Required parameters

    ext_data your payment data (e.g. payee name)
    bitcoinaddress valid receiving bitcoin address

  3. Optional parameters

    ordertype buy|sell (default: buy)
    btc amount in bitcoin (default: 1)
    euros amount in euro

  4. Signing

    Sign the request using OAuth 1.0. Adding the following parameters:

    oauth_consumer_key (See 1.1)
    oauth_nonce Random nonce
    oauth_signature The signature
    oauth_signature_method HMAC-SHA1
    oauth_timestamp Current unix timestamp
    oauth_token (See 1.1)
    oauth_version 1.0