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Whenever I want to buy bitcoins the counter says "0". When will your stock be replenished / can I reserve bitcoins?

When the top bar on the website is grey and displays "??? bitcoins", this usually means that there are some problems on the exchange we buy our bitcoins. Often times these problems are temporary.

Due to the unpredictable, sometimes enormously high demand we’re not always able to maintain our stock. We cannot give a precise answer to the question when our stock will be replenished: from the moment we know we have bitcoins they will be for sale almost immediately. Generally speaking, small amounts of bitcoins come in at a regular basis, so keep a close eye on our website! We will let our followers on Twitter know when larger amounts of coins are arriving.

Because payments between banks are suspended during weekends and holidays, it is possible that our buffer will run low. In that case, we usually add to our stock the following business day.

It is not possible to reserve bitcoins. If we’re sold out, the first new bitcoins will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We are working hard to expand our buffer.

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