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What does an urgent payout mean?

The option for urgent payout means that the payout will be manually processed by us as soon as possible. The cost for this action is 0.25% with a minimum of € 7.50 for an amount up to € 5000 (it can be lower sometimes, you will not see a checkbox for urgent payout at those moments). If you have a bank account with ING, SNS, ABN-Amro or bunq, we will transfer the money from our account at the same bank and you will receive the payout almost immediately. If you have a different (Dutch) bank, we will process an urgent payout from our SNS bank account. Urgent payments will be processed as follows:

  • If you are using an ABN Amro, ING, SNS or bunq account, the payment can be processed until 22:00.
  • If you are using a different Dutch bank account, the bitcoin transaction has to be made and confirmed before 16:00. If you happen to make a transaction after 16:00 or during the weekend, the payment will be sent during the evening and you’ll receive the money during the next morning.
  • Are you using a foreign bank account? In this case, the urgent payment has to be made and confirmed before 15:00.

In practice, we generally process an urgent transaction within half an hour. During evenings and weekends it occasionally takes slightly longer, but the transaction will (almost) without exception be paid out within two hours.

Always use a sufficient amount (min. 0.0003) of miner's fee for urgent sales orders. Urgent payouts are transferred after the first network confirmation.