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Why do we ask you to send a screenshot of your wallet?

In order to be active as a cryptocompany, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) insists on additional verification measures. More information regarding the demanded measures can be found in the announcement by DNB. We have protested against these measures up until the very last moment, also because they are ineffective with regards to the goals they intend to accomplish. Unfortunately this was not succesful and as such we have to verify bitcoin addresses (whitelisting).

DNB expects us to verify that you are the owner of the provided bitcoinaddress through a screenshot of your wallet. To verify your bitcoinaddress we need a screenshot that clearly shows: * a complete image of the entire ‘receive’-screen of your wallet * the bitcoinaddress that you intend to verify must be visible

You can upload the screenshot through the options for uploading during the verificationprocedure.