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Can I buy bitcoins at an even lower price somewhere else?

Would you like to buy (a large amount of) bitcoins for the lowest price possible, and you don’t mind investing some of your time and effort? It’s possible that you’ll find cheaper bitcoins somewhere else. For example, on a bitcoin exchange or through an appointment with a seller for a cash payment. Would you rather have certainty, ease, and speed? Then Bitonic is the right place for you.

Our sales price is usually not even one percent above the international "market price" (an independent comparison study: bitcoinaverage.com). It could be a little more during times of large exchange rate fluctuations. Strictly speaking we are slightly more expensive than exchanges, but we process everything rapidly without the delays involved in purchasing through an exchange. When the prices are rising it might be worth to pay slightly more to have your bitcoins delivered immediately for the agreed upon price. Transferring a payment to an international market could take a few days and in the mean time the exchange rate could have already jumped or dropped another 5% (or more).

There are times when the demand is extremely high and we simply cannot deliver bitcoins at the international market price. In that case, we will need to temporarily purchase bitcoins above market price. This means that at that moment the sales price will be relatively higher too. The price is therefore always a result of supply and demand.