What is two-factor authentication and its importance for your security?

Two-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification (2FA), is an additional security layer we use to protect your account details and funds. Besides entering your password, 2FA requires you to enter a second code to prove that it is really you trying to log in.

At Bitonic, a 2FA via email is set by default. This means that, in addition to entering your password, we send a unique code to your email address that you need to enter to gain access to your account. This method adds an extra layer of security because an attacker needs to know not only your password but also have access to your emails. For even more security, we offer you the option to set up 2FA via a mobile app. With this method, an app on your phone generates a new code every few seconds. When you log in, you enter this code along with your password.

We strongly recommend setting up 2FA via a mobile app because it provides a higher level of security for your account. It helps us ensure that your bitcoins remain safe and that only you have access to your account, even if someone else manages to obtain your password. Your safety is our priority, and by using 2FA, you contribute to it.

Live Chat Consent

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