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SysOps/DevOps specialist


Bitonic started in April 2012 as the first Dutch company offering (automated) buying of Bitcoin via Ideal. Later we expanded our services with several projects, among which is our own bitcoin exchange BL3P.

Because IT is the foundation on which our company is built on, we like as much control over this as possible. This and our need to keep sensitive data completely in our own control, is why we're continually building our own platform to run our services on. That is quite a challenge and as such we're looking for people with DevOps/SysOps experience to take on these challenges with us.

SysOps/DevOps at Bitonic:

Ideally, you have been toying around with computers for quite some time already and have grown your passion into a professional skill set. You know your way in CLI on Linux and are able to find your way in configuration files as well as basic code. You like the challenge of building scalable and complex systems. You're able to reason about the implications of your changes before running them and can communicate them clearly to others. Abstraction layers such as virtual machines and containers are easy for you to deal with. Aside from building services you are also involved in choices regarding the development of our private cloud in both hardware and network upgrades to better fit the needs of the rest of the company.

You are flexible by nature, curious, eager to learn and you thrive in an environment where you have a lot of freedom. You take satisfaction from improving and tweaking our platform and services every day for our developers and other employees that make use of them.

What we expect from you:

  • Experience with DevOps (without cloud providers) and "classical" system administration
  • Some well-trained grey matter (“analytical thinking”)
  • You are able to work independently and self-manage, but discuss when appropiate
  • An interest in hardware related aspects and a DIY mentality

We work in an advanced professionalized production environment where we make use of Proxmox, Ceph Docker, IaC and Git(lab). Some experience and affinity with these platforms is a bonus. Finally, we should mention that we use open source software exclusively. Naturally, experience using Linux is required.

What you can expect from us:

Many properties that apply to Bitcoin and blockchain also apply to Bitonic. Think: high-tech, innovative, disruptive, transparent, experimental, decentralised and reliable.

We are a real tech company, we enjoy working hard, but definitely also enjoy some hard needed relaxation. We are an intelligent, creative and playful team. Our office is located in Amsterdam, 5 minute walk from metro station Weesperplein.

Some of the perks you can expect:

  • A good salary, a thirteenth month, possibilities for study and development and 32 vacation days (based on a 40-hour workweek).
  • Freedom and flexibility (think flexible working hours and working remotely from home or another location)
  • While we are all mostly working from home it's important to have a proper and ergonomically sound workspace. We offer a budget of €600 for you to make this possible in your own situation.
  • Your own responsibility and to be a part of the decision-making process (Holacracy)
  • Sport/fitness outings with the team, and compensation for a sports subscription based on what you use and need.
  • A technically challenging in a homely atmosphere in the center of Amsterdam with lunch at the office every day and every month a Pizza Friday meeting (free pizza!)
  • We intend to organize a beautiful company work-trip every year (unfortunately because of the circumstances we've had to skip last year).
  • We organize a BBQ every year for all colleagues including partners, and other friends of Bitonic
  • We offer full compensation of travel expenses
  • On your first day there'll be some items from our current merchandise collection waiting for you :).

Do you see yourself as part of our team?

Apply via Homerun. We look forward to hearing from you!

Acquisition regarding this vacancy is not appreciated.


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