12+ years experience

Bitonic was founded May 1st, 2012

Since 2012

The first
bitcoin company

The first conversations about bitcoin started in September 2010, the the idea of starting a business in bitcoin came in September 2011. The idea came into reality on 1 May, 2012: the official start of Bitonic.

This makes the 1st of May a historical day, for us, but just as much for the Netherlands as a whole. Bitonic has been at the forefront of this technical revolution from day one, not settling for less and always prioritising what is best for bitcoin and our customers.

Bitonic office

12 years of bitcoin-only

As the first bitcoin company of the Netherlands, we’ve seen it all! Full force attacks on the bitcoin protocol, major exchanges going down, regulatory battles with the Dutch regulator. Yet, we survived, and we have always stayed true to our beliefs: only bitcoin, no hype coins.

We don’t get distracted by empty promises or the hype of the day - you shouldn’t do either. Relax with bitcoin.


The history of Bitonic and bitcoin

When you say bitcoin you say Bitonic. The history of bitcoin and Bitonic are heavily intertwined and Bitonic has played a major role in the existence of bitcoin.

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