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I do not have a Dutch bank account, is there any other way I can pay?

Aside from iDEAL, we also offer Bancontact (Belgium, former MisterCash), and MyBank (Italy and Luxembourg) as payment methods! Additionally, you can also make your purchases with SEPA transfers by using our Bits service. Find out more about Bits here.

We also support international phone numbers: use your country code (e.g. +32 for Belgium) and leave out the initial zero.

We currently do not support any other payment methods. Naturally, we would like to be able to provide our service to as many international customers as possible. However, there currently are no other online payment methods that offer the same reliable and fast user experience. As Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, the payment methods we offer should also allow irreversible transactions for us to be able to provide instant bitcoin purchases. Only the payment methods we currently offer provide the same finality of payment.

It is possible to sell bitcoins to us from outside of the Netherlands; we accept IBAN bank account numbers in the SEPA banking zone.