I want to sell bitcoin (BTC), how does that work?

To sell bitcoin (BTC), you enter the amount of bitcoins that you wish to offer us or the amount of euros you wish to receive. You then enter your payment details and a return address in case the payout cannot take place (an address from your wallet).

Please take into consideration the miners' fee when entering the amount of bitcoins you want to sell!

After you have agreed to the terms you will see an overview with a bitcoin address (and accompanying QR code) to send the bitcoins to. No further action is required once the bitcoins have been sent, our system automatically detects your bitcoins and the confirmations by the network. The payout of the agreed upon price will be processed the following business day at the latest. Our price is fixed, with Bitonic you do not have an exchange risk as with other parties that determine the payout after you’ve sent the bitcoins.

The time period we offer you to send the bitcoins is limited in order to minimize our exchange risk. It could happen that your bitcoins arrive too late. No problem, we return the bitcoins after one confirmation to your return address. You can try again later (you will have to enter all the details again, though).

Should you be hesitant to send us your bitcoins, you can first send us a small amount to ease your concerns: our system also accepts payments in installments. You should see the bitcoins appear in the overview within about 30 seconds. We understand if you’d like to personally contact us before sending larger amounts. We’re happy to answer any questions!

The urgent payment option is described below, click here for details about the payout of a normal order.

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