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I have created a bitcoin address on bitaddress.org, how can I sell my bitcoins?

To be able to send/sell bitcoins you will need to import the private key (recognizable by a long sequence of numbers and letters, starting with a '5') into a wallet, for example on Electrum. Read here how to do this.

After you’ve imported the private key, the accompanying bitcoin address will be added to the wallet and the bitcoins will be added to your balance. Read here how you can sell the bitcoins.

Attention: protect your private keys. Do not enter these on a website, especially if it does not use a secured connection. Please make sure that you completely trust the website, software or person to whom you hand over your private key. You are giving them access to all the bitcoins that are associated with that bitcoin address. Bitonic can never be held accountable for lost bitcoins. The safe use of bitcoins and private keys is always your own responsibility.