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My sales order has been cancelled, what do I do?

Your sales order may have been denied for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The bitcoins arrived too late.
  • You did not transfer any bitcoins.
  • You transferred too few bitcoins.

A problem that regularly occurs, is that bitcoins are received too late, therefore the transaction will be canceled. If you send the bitcoins from an exchange (for example Poloniex, Bittrex or Bitstamp), the bitcoins often will be sent later. Exchanges gather outgoing transactions and rarely send it directly. Because you only have 5-10 minutes time to send the bitcoins to us, the limited time often leads to a canceled transaction. We therefore recommend to send the bitcoins to a wallet first, before you create a sell order with us.

If you send us less bitcoins than the specified amount, the transactions will also be canceled. Always take the miner’s fee into account miners-fee when sending bitcoins. It is not possible to send your entire balance, because your wallet always needs additional bitcoins for the miner’s fee.

If you transfer too few bitcoins or if they arrive too late, we will automatically return the bitcoins within 5 minutes after we’ve received a network confirmation. This confirmation appears automatically, usually within a few minutes, but sometimes it could take up to an hour. If your bitcoins have not been returned to your wallet within 2 hours, please contact us.

Are you sending bitcoins from a Multibit wallet? It could be that the transaction is ‘stuck’. See here for instructions to fix the problem.

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