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Why do you ask about the objective of my purchase?

Unfortunately, DNB has forced us to implement these measures. Under the pressure of the sanction law, we are obliged to determine all kinds of information about your bitcoin address.

Read our statement about requirements arising from the Sanctions Act. We protested until the last moment for the DNB to waive this requirement, but unfortunately without success.

In addition to checking that you are the owner of the bitcoin address, we must also ask the purpose of your bitcoin purchase.

You can choose from three different objectives of your purchase;

  1. Trading; choose this option if you are going to trade
  2. Holding as investment; choose this option if you want to store the bitcoins for later
  3. Purchases or payments from my wallet to others

We will also ask in what way you use a wallet. You can choose from;

  1. External wallet; choose this option if you are using an exchange, such as Binance, Kraken, Bitstamp or Bittex. This also includes web wallets, such as blockchain.info
  2. Self custody; choose this option if you are the custodian of the bitcoins, for example by means of a desktop or mobile wallet (Electrum, Green wallet, Bitcoin Core, etc), a hardware wallet (Ledger, Trezor) or a paper wallet.