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What are bundled purchases?

By using our bundled purchases feature, Bits customers can choose to accumulate their purchased bitcoins before sending them to their linked wallet as a single transaction. In doing so the customer will save significantly on transaction fee’s and minimises the amount of UTXO’s associated with the address (which in turn also results in paying less fee's when sending out/spending the purchased bitcoins).

You can bundle your purchases up to a maximum amount of €1000,- and you are able set the threshold yourself when creating your Bits savings plan, or via the Bits account environment. If you decide you want to send your bitcoins to your wallet before reaching your threshold, you can always do this via your Bits account or your transaction page.

Please note: When a Bits savings plan has been inactive for 3 months, the bitcoins are automatically sent to the linked wallet. You will be informed of this process in advance by email.