What is a proof of income?

In some cases we would ask to receive a proof of income, to verify the origin of your fiat funds with which you buy your bitcoin (BTC). Examples of documents that we accept as proof of income are:

Salary or savings

  • Payment slip(s) (max. 6 months old)
  • Annual income statement (max. 12 months old)
  • Tax return (max. 12 months old)
  • Bank account statements showing the origin of your fiat funds (as current as possible)

Business funds

  • Annual report (incl. profit and loss statement, max. 12 months old) and Chamber of Commerce (KvK) extract of your company (max. 3 months old)
  • Business invoice(s) (max. 6 months old)

Sale of real estate or other assets

  • Notarized contracts (e.g. deed of transfer or notarial statement) and bank statements with the incoming payment


  • Inheritance tax return or notarial statement regarding the inheritance (e.g. certificate of inheritance) accompanied by a bank statement of this transfer

It is also possible to prove the origin of your fiat funds with other documents. You are allowed to black out certain sensitive information. Please be aware that you upload a document that is proportional to your bitcoin purchases.

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