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Do you expect the price to keep rising?

We don’t dare to make any projections. The past has shown that the bitcoin price can be quite volatile, where large increases in price are often followed by corrections and a subsequent recovery in the longer term. Unfortunately, what has happened in the past is no guarantee for what will happen in the future. Bitcoin, as a decentralized payment network, is a great invention and therefore has enormous potential. It offers great opportunities for investors, but it remains a high-risk investment. You should be aware that you could lose your entire investment.

As far as we are concerned, bitcoin's price is not the most interesting aspect of Bitcoin. We see great potential for blockchain technology and will continue to work hard to further bitcoin adoption. If you ask us, Bitcoin and blockchain technology will play a vital role in the future of payments and other applications. If it is up to us, Bitcoin will become the number 1 (international) currency on the internet, and who knows what else is possible!