At Bitonic, you can only buy or sell Bitcoin (BTC), no other cryptocurrencies. Why is this?

At Bitonic you can only buy or sell bitcoin (BTC), no other cryptocurrencies. Bitonic is Bitcoin-only for a reason. Bitcoin (BTC) is the superior digital currency, with unique properties, innovations, and it has the highest degree of decentralization, which makes it incomparable to other cryptocurrencies. We distinguish Bitcoin from the broader category of "crypto", which we do not want to associate ourselves with.

Bitcoin has a strong foundation built on the principles of cryptography with mathematical fundamentals. Its unmatched security and hashrate make it the most resilient network, with an uptime of 99.98%. Over the last decade Bitcoin has proven itself in being the most secure protocol, remaining unwavered by various forms of attacks and other malicious activities. As a result, Bitcoin has become the most secure and resilient network. Bitcoin's global availability provides a unique digital and open banking solution, offering a robust, censorship-resistant financial transaction network.

In contrast, the broader category of "crypto" is dominated by hypes, false technical claims, perverse stimulus, greed, FOMO, and deceptive marketing. Most cryptocurrencies are scams or fraudulent, hijacking Bitcoin's success and exploiting people's lack of knowledge. Due to a lack of true decentralization or active development, many cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to attacks and contain major errors that are regularly being exploited.

Furthermore, they often prioritize profit over integrity and pretend to be technologically superior while lacking substance. While the cryptocurrency market is lucrative for altcoin casinos, we prioritize integrity and aim to drive real change with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin starts at Bitonic.

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