Gems Voorwaarden

Below you will find the Terms & Conditions and game rules that apply to the Bitonic 'Hidden Gems' promotion. Please read the terms and conditions to be aware of all the rules that apply.


  • ‘Provider’: Bitonic B.V.
  • ‘Participant’: the natural person who participates in the giveaway. 'Action': Bitonic 'Hidden Gems'.
  • ‘Promotion’: Bitonic 'Hidden Gems';.
  • ‘Winner’:  the natural person who wins the giveaway and thus the prize. 


  • These conditions apply to the 'Bitonic Hidden Gem' promotion, which is organized by Bitonic B.V., located at Hoogte Kadijk 143F 8, 1018 BH Amsterdam..
  • Provider gives 60x Special edition 10 year Anniversary embroidered t-shirts (choice of gray or navy blue), 30x Special edition 10 year Anniversary embroidered hoodies, 10x a hardware wallet (choice of Blockstream Jade or Coldcard Mk3).
  • The Provider may, at its own discretion and without prior notice, change or adjust these Hidden Gems Terms and Conditions during the promotion period, or change or adjust the promotion without stating reasons, unless this leads to the participant's disadvantage in any way.
  • With regard to participation in the promotion, its consequences and its implementation, the participant waives any (legal) claim against the Provider, partners, sponsors and employees who are directly or indirectly involved in the organization of the Promotion.ctie.
  • The Promotion is subject to the Provider's Privacy Statement as published on


  • Participating in this promotion is without any obligations and free of charge. The promotion will run until 24-07-2022.
  • Participants in the promotion can claim to redeem 1 'Hidden Gem'. There will be manual control to check if people try to claim multiple gems.
  • When finding a 'Hidden Gem', the participant can choose not to redeem that Gem in order to search and redeem another prize.
  • Participation is possible for everyone: also people without an account at Bitonic B.V. can participate.


  • It is not possible to correspond about the result (provided that correspondence concerns an item that has not been received).
  • Prizes can only be awarded to participants who leave complete and correct personal data. If the Provider does not have the correct or complete information, the right to the prize will lapse. In this case, the 'Hidden Gem' will be made available again on and be found by other participants.
  • After checking the entered personal data, winners will be personally informed at the e-mail address with which they participated in the promotion.
  • The Provider delivers the won hardware wallets 'as is'. Therefore, the Provider cannot make any representations regarding the specific functions of the hardware wallets, their reliability or suitability for your needs.
  • The Provider is not liable for loss of bitcoins due to a defect in the hardware wallet or loss of private keys, PIN codes, passwords and other consequential damages. Read the instructions of the hardware wallet carefully and always make an extra backup of your data.

Personal data

  • The personal data obtained in the context of the Promotion will only be used by the Provider for the relevant Promotion and will not be provided to third parties.n.
  • After the promotion, the personal data will be removed from our own servers.


  • If the participant has a complaint in connection with the Promotion, he/she can submit it in writing to Bitonic B.V., Hoogte Kadijk 143F 8, 1018 BH Amsterdam

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