DDoS attack and downtime website

Yesterday we suffered a DDoS attack that rendered our services unreachable for a substantial amount of time.

The attack started just before 15.00h and as a result a large part of our services were no longer accessible via the internet which made buying or selling via bitonic.nl no longer possible.

Since our employees mostly work from home and were also cut off, it was very difficult for our customer support to help you remotely. In addition, we could also not be reached by phone due to the DDoS attack.

We understand that you were seriously inconvenienced by this and that it is even more unpleasant since you have not been able to contact us. We deeply regret this.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely prevent inconvenience caused by a DDoS attack of this scale but you can assume that we will do everything we can to minimise the impact in the future.

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