We are live with a new service: Bits!

Bits had already been available for some time to test among a small group of people. After we have made a number of improvements, it is time to take the next step and bring Bits to the attention!

What is Bits?

Bits makes it possible to create your own bitcoin savings plan by using an automated periodic bank transfer. This allows you to make an automatic bitcoin purchase every week, every month without the need of a manual transaction (also known as DCA). With help from Bits, you have to worry less about "timing the market" and we encourage long-term thinking. Create your own savings plan with Bits!

How does it work?

After creating your Bits account and setting up a periodic transfer from your own banking environment, the purchased bitcoins are sent directly to your wallet. Interested? You can now set up your Bits via your account page.

Disclaimer: Due to the Bitcoin miners-fee, we do not recommend setting up smaller payments. While Bits transactions from €10 are allowed, the Bitcoin miners-fee has a significant impact on amounts under €100. The miners-fee is calculated when a payment is received and can vary based on Bitcoin network congestion. A solid solution that will enable all kinds of amounts for Bits is in the works. Updates will follow!

Set up your own Bits savings plan via your Bitonic account page. Don't have a Bitonic account yet? Verify quickly via our verification app.

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