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New feature for Bits live: bundled purchases

As of today saving with bitcoin is also possible with smaller amounts! Bits now offers bundled purchases.

Bundled Purchases

With this new functionality, your bitcoin purchases are not sent directly to your wallet, but bundled for you. By bundling multiple purchases into one transaction, you pay less transaction fees and we make it possible to save with smaller amounts on a daily basis.

You can bundle your purchases up to a maximum amount of €1000,- and you are able set the threshold yourself when creating your Bits savings plan, or via the Bits account environment.

Why this functionality?

We want to make saving a possibility for everyone and especially with smaller amounts, without the Bitcoin transaction fees having too much impact on the purchased bitcoins. Bitcoin transaction fees vary based on how congested the Bitcoin network is and can have a significant impact on smaller purchases. Bundling your transactions is therefore always cheaper.

Automated saving with Bitcoin. Bit by bit.

With the launch of Bits we had already made saving with bitcoin easy, with the introduction of bundled purchases we are also making saving with smaller amounts accessible to everyone!

To create a Bits savings plan, you need a verified Bitonic account and a bitcoin address and set up a one-time standing order from your desired bank account. Furthermore, the limit for the bundled purchases can also be determined and set via the Bits account environment.


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