Bitonic sponsor of podcast Het Nieuwe Geld

Partly due to the economic crisis of 2008, more and more people have become interested in our financial system. We are continuously exposed to all kinds of (perverse) stimuli: rising stock markets, skyrocketing housing prices, combined with new technologies, apps and countless (social media) platforms, unpredictable interest rates, energy prices are skyrocketing, gambling behaviour, money printing and inflation. We live in a society filled with FOMO and this creates stress and greed.

We can no longer ignore the financial system, however, for many, the complexity that it entails is no longer comprehensible. Clear and accessible information is scarce and in the end everyone is subject to their own research.

The podcast Het Nieuwe Geld helps people in making this complex world more accessible and provides insight into the mechanisms and methods to which we are exposed, it provides knowledge and offers guidance to anyone interested in these major issues.

Bitonic has been in the industry for 10 years - the oldest Bitcoin company in the Netherlands. Since its inception, education has played a vital role and we've always encouraged long-term thinking - thereby facilitating an anchor of stability in this chaotic market.

Het Nieuwe Geld is in line with this vision. Het Nieuwe Geld expertly researches the mechanisms and properties of money, the financial system and everything connected with it by using objective journalism. Bitonic is therefore proud to sponsor the second season of Het Nieuwe Geld.

Tune in to the podcast here.

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