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Companies can now verify via Bitonic

Bitonic innovation power strikes again. As of today, companies (and other parties with corporate bank accounts) can sign up to Bitonic by using our new corporate verification system. Simply go to our verification page and when prompted, select “company” to start the verification process for your corporate Bitonic account.

Verifying a company can become a tedious and time consuming process. That’s why we’ve designed a verification system that keeps in mind the needs of the customer by providing a structured overview of the progression of the verification. This, in combination with our outstanding support team makes us well prepared to welcome a new group of corporate customers.

Beforehand onboarding for companies was handled through our exchange BL3P, which will still be possible, however, the integration of this new and innovative verification system for companies into Bitonic, means more possibilities and better accessibility for our customers. In the future Bitonic will be rolling out even more features for corporate investors.

What makes our verification system unique is that we have developed this entirely in-house and therefore your data is not stored by a third party. This means that your data is managed and secured by us, therefore we can provide higher standards regarding privacy and security. Your data is stored on Dutch servers at Dutch companies.

The implementation of the new corporate verification system is the next big step for Bitonic towards becoming a company that serves every kind of customer — large or small, private or corporate. Being able to onboard companies that are interested in investing in Bitcoin swiftly and smoothly is important for us as a company but also for Bitcoin as a serious and respected asset class.

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