Combining bitcoin transactions

Because of the huge increase in the number of transactions that we process on a daily basis, starting today we will combine orders in a so-called ‘sendmany’ transaction. This has a couple of advantages:

  • The strain on the Bitcoin network will be reduced.
  • Transactions will be confirmed even faster on average.
  • Our wallet will have a little more room to breathe, so that our website will operate smoothly even during busy days.
  • We are better protected against the 'malleability'-problem and possible other DOS attacks on the Bitcoin network

We will still transfer your bitcoins uncombined during calmer periods. Only during the busy periods, our system will wait a few minutes so that your transaction can be combined with other orders. Theoretically it is possible for anyone to identify your purchase with Bitonic. For privacy reasons we therefore advise you to use different bitcoin addresses, and to prevent using addresses that are publicly linked to you (for example, a forum account with donation address).

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