Terms and Conditions '12 years - 12 words' contest

Below you will find the terms and game rules that apply to the Bitonic '12 years - 12 words' promotion. Please read these terms so that you are aware of all applicable rules.


  • 'Provider': Bitonic B.V.
  • 'Participant': the natural person participating in the promotional contest.
  • 'Promotion': Bitonic '12 years'.
  • 'Winner': the natural person who wins the promotional contest and thereby the prize.


  • These terms and conditions apply to the '12 years' Promotion, organised by Bitonic B.V., located at Hoogte Kadijk 143F 8, 1018 BH Amsterdam.
  • Provider is giving away 0.012 BTC once through solving puzzles, with the corresponding seed phrase provided. This seed phrase grants access to the specified amount in bitcoin. The amount in bitcoin is subject to price fluctuations but is approximately €650 at the time of publication of the terms.
  • Provider reserves the right to change or adjust these Terms at its discretion and without prior notice during the promotion period, as well as to change or adjust the Promotion without stating a reason, unless this is in any way detrimental to the Participant.
  • With regard to participation in the Promotion, as well as its consequences and execution, the Participant waives any (legal) claim against the Provider, partners, sponsors, and employees directly or indirectly involved in the organisation of the Promotion.
  • The Provider acts in accordance with the Gedragscode promotionele kansspelen.
  • The Provider's Privacy Policy applies to the Promotion.


  • Participation in the Promotion is entirely voluntary and free of charge.
  • The Promotion runs until the contest wallet has been emptied and the 0.012 BTC have been claimed.
  • Participation is open to everyone: individuals without an account at Bitonic B.V. can also participate. For participation by minors under 16 years of age, parental consent is necessary.
  • Participation is possible by following the Provider on X (formerly Twitter) and guessing the puzzles in posts.


  • There will be no correspondence about the outcome.
  • The Provider provides the seed phrase 'as is'. The Provider cannot guarantee that the seed phrase will grant access to the specified amount in bitcoin.
  • The first person to correctly guess the seed phrase and transfer the corresponding amount in bitcoin will be designated as the Winner. The Provider will announce via X when this is the case.
  • The Provider strongly advises against reusing the seed phrase for any purpose.
  • The Provider is not liable for the loss of bitcoins due to a defect in the wallet or the loss of private keys, PIN codes, passwords, and any other consequential damage.

Personal data

  • The personal data obtained in connection with the Promotion will only be used by the Provider for the respective Promotion and will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • The collected personal data will be destroyed no later than three months after the end of the Promotion.


  • If the Participant has a complaint regarding the Promotion, the Participant can submit a complaint free of charge via klachten@bitonic.nl. The complaints procedure is applicable.

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