Bitonic 12 year anniversary

Bitonic turns 12 today! 12 years with a single mission. Bitcoin.

This past year was a significant one in which both Bitonic and bitcoin reached new heights. We launched an online campaign where we clearly expressed how we view the current crypto market. In addition, the Bitonic app was also launched. Buying, selling, and storing bitcoin; all in one place. All from the number one bitcoin-only company in the Netherlands. ;)

This coming year, we will make our presence felt even more, and the message will (once again) be clear: #bitcoin-only. We're taking things a step further and will make the general public realize that you don't need anything besides bitcoin: Relax with bitcoin. (More on this later!) 🎥

Without bitcoin, there would be no Bitonic, and the power of bitcoin is undeniable. With the recent fourth halving, the fifth bitcoin epoch has begun. The launch of Bitcoin ETF's around the world shows that bitcoin is now an integral part of the financial world.

As every year, we are more than grateful to our loyal customers and everyone who has helped us reach this milestone. Here’s to many years of innovation and growth, with bitcoin at the center!

P.S. Join our contest to celebrate our 12th anniversary and win 0.012 BTC!

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