Bitonic launches new identity and ad campagne

Bitcoin for people with a hobby

Bitcoin isn't just for tech enthusiasts. It's for everyone. Whether you're into cat shows, fishing or model trains, bitcoin can have a place in your life without it taking up too much of your time. Choose wisely, choose bitcoin-only. Choose Bitonic.

In a crypto market full of distractions and FOMO, we choose simplicity and reliability. No hype coins, just a solid foundation in bitcoin. Our campaign emphasizes the ease and stability of investing in bitcoin, so you can have time for what really matters: your hobby.

The new Bitonic ad campaign features real-life stories and shows how easy investing in bitcoin can be. Relax with bitcoin.

Launch new identity

Alongside our new ad campaign, we announce the launch of our renewed identity. With a new logo, fresh colors, and a modern font, we now even better reflect what Bitonic stands for: long-term thinking and stability.

Our revamped website and new app provide the most user-friendly experience, making it easier than ever to buy, sell, save, and store bitcoin.

Looking Ahead

As Bitonic enters a new chapter, we'll remain committed to contributing to the development of the bitcoin ecosystem. Through technical knowledge, media presence, sponsorships, and educational initiatives like the Bitonic Academy and, Bitonic aims to foster a deeper understanding and wider adoption of bitcoin.

With great enthusiasm, we unveil the new Bitonic look and ad campaign, together they symbolize our growth and the future we envision for bitcoin. Join the bitcoin revolution and download the Bitonic app now!

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