New security measures

There has recently been reported a new form of malware that, if it’s on your computer, scans your visited webpages for bitcoin addresses and changes these without you knowing. Although this malware does not yet occur that frequently, we have decided to take some precautionary measures.

The malware could be in browser plugins and/or extensions, for example 'Cryptsy DogeCoin Live Ticker', and it could be installed if you download and install bitcoin/altcoin related software from a non-official website.

It’s therefore important that you are cautious when you make a bitcoin transaction from a website (wallter, exchange, etc.). Make bigger transactions on a clean computer with a new browser installation for extra security. Using the private/incognito function also helps to secure your internet environment.

To protect you from this type of malware we’ve taken the following precautions:

  • Our website does extra surveillance to detect unexpected changes of the bitcoin address and it will warn you if it finds anything suspicious.
  • When buying bitcoins we always provide the first four characters of the bitcoin address in the payment description. Always check to see if these match!
  • For sales order we always display the provided return address. Do not send bitcoins if this address has changed!

If you take these tips into consideration, you can rest assured that your transactions with Bitonic are safe and secure.If you use the new payment protocol to send bitcoins to us, you and the transaction are optimally protected.

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