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Research & Development

Bitonic was founded from a passion for technology. Since 2012 Bitonic has been involved with the technical development of Bitcoin. Besides being an active sponsoring partner for many technical conferences, we also supply development power and time to the improvement of the Bitcoin-protocol and related projects.

The Bitcoin-protocol & layers

We contribute actively to the developments of the Lightning-protocol and in addition experiment with technologies such as Atomic Swaps, Timestamping, Mimblewimble, and Side Chains. With the help of this knowledge we form the correct vision and try to contribute as much as possible to the enhancement of protocols and a healthy ecosystem.

Blockchain research

Lightning Network

The Lightning Network can be seen as a “second-layer” technology that has been built on top of the Bitcoin-protocol.

The lightning Network is the game-changer of Bitcoin. By the use of this technology it creates the possibility to do an enormous amount of transactions instantly without decreasing its decentrality and robustness. The transactions are instant and micro transactions become possible.

Global Lightning Network

Atomic cross-chain trading

A promising technology that is possible through Bitcoin is Atomic cross-chain trading. Thanks to the creation of Segregated Witness it is now possible to exchange assets/tokens through different (block)chains. This leads to new use cases.

Atomic Swaps

Blockchain Explorer

We have developed our own Bitcoin block explorer and at first instance only used it for internal purposes. Since May 2019 it has been made available to the general public at XBT.eu. In addition to information about transactions, mining related statistics are also displayed. The block explorer project is under continuous development and, so stay tuned as we add new features.
Block Explorer

Bitonic Server