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BitMerchant, the Bitonic point-of-sale system, has been trial running in web shops and recently in physical shops as well. We are working hard to improve the user friendliness for both the customer as well as for the (web)shopkeeper, and more particularly the payment page that plays an important part in the POS (point of sale) of stores. Call it the Bitcoin ATM machine. The redesign of this page went live for the affiliated stores during the last few days.

paying with bitmerchant

paid with bitmerchant

We took into account various devices and display sizes, since this interface will be used both in stores on tablets, and web shops on PCs and smartphones. We have reduced the amount of information, so that the payment process is clear and quick.

We give 2 options for making a payments. Firstly, the QR code that can be scanned by the bitcoin app on phones and computers.
Secondly, a payment can be made using the payment button. This button is designed for Bitcoin wallets on PCs or bitcoin apps on phones when the payment page is opened on the same device. The payment button is therefore, logically, not available in POS-mode (i.e. in a physical store).
The methods explained above work the fastest and are the most reliable because the payment address as well as the amount will be transferred exactly.

When the payment options are not available for any reason, the payer will still have the option to copy the bitcoin address to the wallet and transfer the right amount of bitcoins.

After the payment has been made, which usually only takes a few seconds, the tablet can be handed back to the owner in the store or a button will appear that takes the online user back to the web shop.

More information about accepting Bitcoin in your store or webshop.

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