Bitonic official sponsor of the Cryptocast

After sponsoring the podcast Het Nieuwe Geld (season 1 & 2), this is the next step in supporting an initiative that ensures more knowledge and background information around Bitcoin, the ecosystem and new forms of digital money as a whole.

Cryptocast was the first in the Netherlands (2018) that dared to devote a full podcast to this financial innovation - also then Bitonic supported this as a sponsor. In the following years we have witnessed how it developed into an innovative and educational source of information. For this reason, we want to encourage and financially support this kind of journalism. Investigative journalism, recognising and refuting misinformation and countering opportunistic and misleading marketing claims that many coins and "blockchains" use, are essential parts for developing the market and ecosystem.

Under the guidance of expert and critical research by Herbert Blankestijn and Bert Slagter, and with BNR & FD as the foundation, we decided to once again work together with Cryptocast and BNR. A clear direction that we want to go in order to establish a powerful collaboration with each other. Bitonic has no further influence on the content - Cryptocast is an independent journalism platform for everyone.

Why distinguishing between 'Crypto' and 'Bitcoin' is essential

Finding the truth is difficult in our market and in general. Analysing and interpreting information and (technical) claims are an essential part of this. We recently published an artikel on our platform to explain the difference between Bitcoin & crypto. We see crypto as something different from Bitcoin, it provides in other needs and promises. Bitcoin is technically superior and unique in its degree of decentralisation - it possesses properties that are not comparable to alternative coins and “blockchains”.

"Crypto" is a broad concept and we have a certain view of the market – the developments, the hypes, the technical claims, the perverse stimulus, the greed, the FOMO, the (deceptive) marketing and misinformation that are dominant.

The development of Bitcoin is deliberately conservative and protected by the anonymity of the founder(s) and decentralisation against legal and (geo)political pressure to implement changes. Consensus is based on long term incentives and technical/mathematical fundamentals and not on the hype of the day. After all, it is a transaction network in which value and property must be protected against all kinds of attacks and technical vulnerabilities. Bitcoin works because of its unique and balanced mix of incentives and trade offs, which provide a robust financial transaction network.

Bitonic & the Future

We are continuously exposed to all kinds of (perverse) stimulus: rising stock markets, skyrocketing house prices, combined with new technologies, apps and countless (social media) platforms, unpredictable interest rates, skyrocketing energy prices, money printing, inflation and gambling behaviour. We live in a FOMO filled society and this creates stress and greed.

Bitonic has been a stable factor in the industry for 10 years - the oldest Bitcoin company in the Netherlands. Since its inception, education has played a vital role and we encourage long-term thinking - we don't get distracted by the hype of the day and thus facilitate a resting point in this chaotic market. Driven by vision, knowledge and integrity, we ensure stability and robustness.

With these kind of sponsorships, our educational platform, the savings service Bits plus all the training courses, workshops and presentations (Bitonic Academy) that we have facilitated since the start - we are committed to build a healthy and constructive ecosystem. An ecosystem based on positive change built on Bitcoin, functioning as an alternative (back-up) transaction system based on mathematics. An open transaction network, which does not exclude people based on identity, but ensures a transparent financial system that reduces corruption and perverse stimulus. An open source network that has an uptime of 99.999% and enables all kinds of new use cases, such as programmable crossborder (micro)transactions.

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