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Technical maintenance

[UPDATE 0:16] We are up & running!

Our sales will be temporarily offline tonight because we will have to perform necessary technical maintenance to our wallet. The reason for this is quite technical. It comes down to the fact that a part of our transactions is not being correctly displayed on our transaction page and some transactions cannot be sent..

We are working on a solution and we expect that tonight, or tomorrow at the latest, everything will work as normal. Should you have ordered bitcoins which have not yet been transferred due to technical reasons, you will receive them as soon as the problem is fixed.

Technical explanation:

Maintenance is necessary because of the (known) "malleability" problem: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Transaction_Malleability. These last few days we have seen increased activity on the Bitcoin network where transactions are sent with an adjusted transaction ID. If an adjusted transaction is being included in a block a malfunction may occur in the wallet because it still uses the original (not adjusted) transaction. This also applies to, transactions that stem from (the changed output). Due to our relatively large share in worldwide bitcoin transactions, this problem has affected us too. There is a technical solution that we are now in the process of implementing.


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