Minimum amount bundling bits savings

When setting up a bits savings plan, we offer you the choice to bundle your purchases up to a certain amount to prevent all purchases from having to be sent separately over the Bitcoin network. This saves transaction costs, both when sending by us and when you decide transact your the bitcoins in the future.

Until today, we still offered the option to have all purchases be sent immediately, but unfortunately this is no longer feasible with the current transaction costs.

Because we want to keep the possibility of saving even very small amounts via bits, we have set a minimum amount for bundling bits purchases to an amount of 50 euros.

This means that from today we will only send your bits transactions if they have been purchased for a minimum amount of 50 euros in total. It is no longer possible to set a lower limit, and we have adjusted all bits savings plans without bundling to a minimum of 50 euros.

It is of course still possible (and recommended) to set a higher limit than 50 euros for your bits savings plan. This means you pay fewer transaction costs during your purchase from us, and you also save on any transaction costs in your wallet in the future.

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