Bitonic app launch and account update

Store, buy and sell bitcoin. All within your Bitonic account.

To increase the accessibility of bitcoin, we now offer the possibility to store it safely within your Bitonic account. This means storing, buying and selling bitcoin no longer requires a bitcoin wallet and bitcoin address.

Storing your bitcoin at Bitonic offers simplicity and convenience. However, we still encourage our customers to consider self-custody when they feel ready. To learn more about the importance of self-custody, visit our FAQ or call our customer service.

The ability of buying and sending your bitcoin directly to your own wallet remains, the choice is yours.

The new Bitonic app

To improve access to your account, we’ve developed the Bitonic app. Download it now in the App Store and Google Play Store.

The Bitonic app makes bitcoin accessible and understandable for everyone. In our view, a bitcoin-only app is a valuable addition to the chaotic crypto market. Unlike many other apps or platforms, we offer you a simple interface and an easy way to withdraw your bitcoin to your own wallet.

Our app focusses on user-friendliness and makes storing, buying and selling bitcoin an intuitive and effortless process. Your funds are securely stored in multisig solutions within a cold wallet operated by our trust foundation, ensuring their safety and maintaining a strict separation from our own funds.

The app has been developed in-house, just like all of our other systems, minimising the use of third-party services. As a result, your personal information and privacy (including bitcoin addresses) are maximally protected.

Our app is specifically designed to cater to everyone's bitcoin needs: buy, sell, and store bitcoin safely and quickly, with competitive fees and industry grade security.

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