Bitonic’s 3 year anniversary!

Allow us to take you back to where we were three years ago...


p> Bitonic officially started on May 1, 2012. Although, we had been active some time before as At this time, the Bitcoin network was three years and four months old - as proven by a link to an article from The Times dating January 3, 2009 embedded in the genesis block.


p> Back then, Bitcoin was largely unknown in the Netherlands and we were surprised to see the very first article about Bitcoin in a Dutch newspaper (2013!). Since then, we have been collecting all newspaper articles that mention Bitcoin and sticking them on the walls in our office. First in Driebergen (our previous office) and we continued this tradition in our new office in Baarn. We would like to share the explosion of newspaper articles on our walls by showing you some pictures of the process!


p> Unfortunately, the majority of articles about Bitcoin remain skeptical. However, we are not deterred by this!

4 krantenknipsels Driebergen The first few newspaper articles in our office in Driebergen.

Meer krantenknipsels Driebergen A significant increase in articles on our wall after just a few weeks.

Veel krantenknipsels Baarn Let’s just say the extra space in our new, larger office came in handy!

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