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Bitcoin network stress test

Due to a large influx of transactions the last few days the Bitcoin network is under pressure.

This is partly due to an increase in trading volume in bitcoins, but to a significant extent this is due to a number of 'stress tests' on the network in which large volumes of transactions are made.

Apart from a record breaking number of transactions being handled by the Bitcoin network, there are few problems as a result of this stress-tests.

An important consequence however of the congestion is that not all new transactions will be included directly into a block, the so-called confirmation. To ensure that transactions are confirmed in a timely matter, it is currently imperative to include sufficient mining fee in transactions.

We have made sure transactions sent out to our clients purchasing bitcoins are given ample fee to be considered high priority by the Bitcoin miners.

If you transfer bitcoins to us, make sure that your wallet uses a high enough transaction fee. When using little or no fee it's possible for transactions to remain unconfirmed for up to days. Please be advised that we only pay out bitcoin sell orders when incoming transactions have at least one confirmation!

Please consult our FAQ for more information on selling bitcoins and the mining fee.


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