Your long-term strategic partner.

Bitonic OTC is an exclusive trading desk targeting companies and individuals interested in both trading with higher volumes (100k+) and in being in direct contact with a dedicated account manager.

  • Personal account manager who will manage transactions for you
  • Tailor-made advice on matters including storage and self-custody, such as assistance with MultiSig
  • Security via cold storage and MultiSignature
  • Privacy by design - data on own servers in the Netherlands and no use of third parties
  • Streamlined trading desk with competitive prices and transaction fees
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Experience, robust & privacy by design

Bitonic was founded in 2012. With our (technical) knowledge and expertise, we strive for the highest standards in terms of security and privacy. We offer a fast, reliable and robust service for trading bitcoin. Together with you, the client, we put together a transparent and tailor-made plan for you.

Our hyperfocus has been the same for more than 12 years - bitcoin. This sets us apart in the market and provides stability combined with a long-term vision. We protect your privacy and data by using open-source software in addition to self-developed and designed systems / infrastructure as much as possible - thus minimising dependence on third parties.

Bitonic employees maintain the servers in a datacenter

For whom?

The Bitonic OTC trading desk is an exclusive service for individuals and companies interested in trading with higher volumes (100K+) at a competitive price through automatic trading on external exchanges and our own platform.

Bitonic has been offering a stable infrastructure for years, and provides a range of different products so that we can meet every customer's wish. We can offer our services to individuals, businesses, family offices, and financial institutions that want to make use of our streamlined and tailor-made guidance and solid trading experience.

Feel free to call us for an appointment and more information.

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Building on Bitcoin Tech

We are building on bitcoin, providing advanced storage and security solutions. We reduced the uncertainties that can come along with trading, receiving, sending and storing bitcoin.

By building on bitcoin, we have been building on proven technology for more than 10 years - deep knowledge and experience of MultiSignature security, wallet management, cold-storage, bitcoin core software and development, Lightning Network and Layer 2 solutions, blockchain analytics and trading infrastructure are widely available.

In short - a partnership based on trust and integrity for the long term.

Bitcoin tech

Moving forward together

Behind the scenes, we have been providing this service for years to selected partners (such as government agencies) and customers with more specific needs and requirements. Due to growing demand and a recent upgrade of our systems, we are now making it more widely available to everyone.

For more than 10 years, we have been facilitating a peace of mind in this chaotic market - we don't get distracted by the hype of the day. Enthusiastic about our service, business and vision? We are also happy to help you make the switch.

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