Update: This promotion has ended. Thank you all for participating!

10 years Bitonic! Find the 'Hidden Gems'!

Bitonic has been around for ten years since May 5 and we'll celebrate that all year round! After the launch of the '10 years of Bitonic' video, the brand new bitcoin.nl and the implementation of Lightning on our exchange BL3P, we are not launching a new design, another product improvement or innovation, but a digital treasure hunt! Just something fun that everyone can participate in!

Hidden Gem
Bitonic 10 year anniversary t-shirt
60x Limited edition 10 year Anniversary t-shirt (grey or navy blue)
Bitonic 10 year anniversary hoodie
30x Limited edition 10 year Anniversary embroidered hoodies
hardware wallet
10x hardware wallet, choose from Blockstream Jade or Coldcard Mk3

How does it work?

Easy! There are 100 'Hidden Gems' hidden on bitonic.nl. 100 prizes masked as buttons, logos, links, letters or even pixels. One easy to find, the other almost impossible. You claim a found Gem by clicking on it. The prizes to be won are based on the findability of the Gems.

Example of finding a hidden gem


Anyone can participate - including people without a Bitonic account. It is 1 prize per person (personal data will be checked). A found 'Hidden Gem' does not have to be redeemed, so you can continue searching for a better Gem, but make sure you don't miss out!

Logo in honour of 10 year anniversary

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