Create your own bitcoin savings plan. Bit by bit.

You want to do an automated bitcoin purchase every day, every week or every month? Do it with Bits!

To be able to make use of Bits a verified Bitonic account is needed. No account yet? Verify here within a few minutes.

Automated saving with bitcoin

Bits makes it possible to do automated periodical bitcoin purchases without the hassle of doing manual transactions. Saving up with bitcoin without the impulsiveness or the stress of ‘timing the market’.

bits savings plan

Suitable for small amounts due to the bundled purchases feature

Bits is also suitable for saving with smaller amounts! For example, save €5 per day and have multiple transactions paid out as one transaction.

With the bundled purchases functionality, you can save up your bitcoin and have them sent automatically at a chosen threshold, saving significantly on transaction fees and reducing the burden on the bitcoin network.

bundled transactions

You decide

Every day, every week, or every month?

You decide how often and for what amount you want to buy bitcoin. As soon as we receive the standing order that you have set up in your banking environment, the amount will be immediately converted into bitcoin and sent to your wallet or, in case you have set up bundled purchases, saved for you.

  • No stress of ‘timing’ the market
  • Suitable for every SEPA bank account
  • One time set up
  • Bitcoin sent automatically to your wallet
  • Suitable for smaller amounts

Verify and set up your recurring payment:

  1. Verify email address
  2. Verify phone number
  3. Verify ID
  4. Add bank account number
  5. Your bitcoin address
  6. Recurring payment
  7. Automatically receive your bitcoin in your own wallet

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