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Payment info

Urgent payout is available up until € 10,000. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for larger amounts.

By agreeing to the terms, you declare that (amongst other things):
  • You are the owner of the provided IBAN account number,
  • The bitcoins you wish to sell have been acquired in a legal manner.

Selling to Bitonic

Bitonic has its own stock and is therefore not an intermediary. If you sell your bitcoins to us, we will immediately reserve your payout and the payout order will be sent to the bank no later than the following business day.

During the sale you are provided with a unique bitcoin address to which you can transfer your bitcoins. The status of your transaction is updated in real-time to display whether the bitcoins have been transferred and confirmed by the network, and whether the payout to your bank account has been completed.

Should you require a faster payout, we offer you the option for an urgent bank transfer. We will, as soon as possible, either transfer the payout manually from a bank account at the same bank as the recipient bank account (to ensure a fast transfer) or we will submit a priority bank transfer. A network confirmation is required before payout.


  • Step by step instructions can be found on bitcoin.nl (Dutch)
  • Preferably use a dynamic miners fee. Please don't save on this: your transaction needs to be confirmed before we can payout. Current indication: 0,005 BTC/kB or 500 Satoshi per byte. (A typical transaction would require at least 0.0015 BTC).
  • Preferably send the bitcoins from your own wallet. We do not recommend sending bitcoins from an exchange directly, because of the possible delay in processing your withdrawal from the exchange.
  • Setup your wallet to show amounts in bitcoin, do not send an amount in euro's or mBTC.