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BL3P is the European trading platform, created by Bitonic. Novice and professional traders from the European Union can start trading immediately.

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Fast & streamlined trading

BL3P charges a fixed fee of 0.25% and offers market and limit orders with live price estimates. There are no hidden fees and withdrawals & deposits are processed quickly.

Completely geared to the professional trader, BL3P focuses on stability through simplicity and speed. By using the API, market and limit orders are easily integrated within your systems while still offering a clean interface for high level trading.

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High performance

Experienced bitcoin company

BL3P is a product of Bitonic, an experienced bitcoin company founded in 2012. Because of our extensive field experience with bitcoin and related technologies we can offer you the highest product standards. We deploy the latest in security, performance, applications & hardware to serve our customers.

We strive for durability through the highest security standards and maintaining strong relationships with Dutch banks for processing Euro settlements.

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Een ervaren Bitcoin-bedrijf


Security is our top priority.

BL3P takes very strict measures in order to prevent loss of funds in cryptocurrency as well as euro, and guarding privacy-sensitive information.

We are committed to collaborating with the customer to help take the necessary security measures that minimize risk.

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Secure operations

Available on your smartphone

For the ultimate trading experience we created the BL3P mobile app. The BL3P Apple iOS app is currently being beta-tested by a group of experienced traders. It wil be publicly available as soon as the test phase has finished.
A version for Android is also in development.

Interested in testing? Through the BL3P testflight program you are able to participate and give our developers direct feedback.

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