Origins of Bitonic and Bitcoin

In this timeline, we have outlined the history of bitcoin and Bitonic. Bitonic was founded in 2012, making it one of the oldest bitcoin companies in the world. Through this timeline, we want to take you on the journey that Bitonic and bitcoin have undergone since the beginning.

News timeline

News about Bitonic

News about bitcoin

Company onboarding via

Bitonic innovation power strikes again. As of today, companies (and other parties with corporate bank accounts) can sign up to Bitonic by using our new corporate verification system. Company onboarding is now a fluent process. Go to our verification page and when prompted, select "company" to start the verification process for your corporate Bitonic account.

Lightning Network grows to 3900 BTC

The popularity of the fast Lightning Network continues to grow. In a little over a year the total liquidity on the network increased by 300% to more than 3900 BTC.

Lightning available on BL3P

Lightning is available on our BL3P platfrom. The implementation of Lightning is yet another step in our mission to become one of the most stable and responsive bitcoinexchanges in Europe. We believe that robustness comes as a result of simplicity and speed. We feel integrating this new development is a big improvement for Bitonic and BL3P to deliver high performance combined with a clean and sophisticated user experience. Sign up and watch this demo to join the Lightning pilot!

Hidden gems hunt (mini-game)

As a part of Bitonics 10 year anniversary a Gem Hunt mini-game took place. 100 gems were hidden in the Bitonic website. Within a short time-frame, all gems were found. Prices, varying from Bitonic t-shirts, sweaters and hardware wallets, were send to the fortunate winners.

Central African Republic adopts bitcoin als legal tender

After El Salvador, the Central African Republic became the second country in the world to recognize bitcoin als legal tender.

New and improved launches

Today we launched the new and improved the educational platform for unlimited Bitcoin knowledge. A place where you can read and learn about Bitcoin: what it is, how you can use it, what the latest developments are and why it's interesting, useful and important.

Bitonic 10 year anniversary

Bitonic celebrates its 10 year anniversary! A milestone for our company but also for the Netherlands! Bitonic has always taken its role as a pioneer very seriously and has proven it through the years of our existence. We have tried to free the way for others in this sector whilst also stay at the frontline of this challenge to make Bitcoin be a part of this society. We will try to keep doing this, now, and in the future.

BL3P available for everyone

We monitored the performance of the new trade engine and the results are positive. So we are ready for the next step; we have removed the invites and everyone with a SEPA bankaccount is able to create an account and trade at our exchange BL3P! With this step we can focus on the next phase - new features and improvements are on the roadmap. We keep you informed!

Chat with us via the website!

From now on you are able to contact us via our live chat service! Simply click the speech balloon on the bottom right of your screen to talk to one of our agents. Our live chat service is available every day from 09:30 until 22:00.

Lugano embraces bitcoin for payments

The Swiss city of Lugano announced that it will embrace Bitcoin. The plans include connecting shops and businesses to the network, a hub for Bitcoin companies and the possibility to pay the municipality in bitcoin. There will also be a yearly Bitcoin event.

Bitcoin is 13 years old

Since today it has been 13 years since Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first block, which included a reference to a newsarticle about failing banks during the last financial crisis. As a new financial crisis unfolds, the important of Bitcoin and Satoshi's message appears more relevant than ever before.


Taproot has been activated

The highly anticipated protocol upgrade Taproot has been activated on the Bitcoin network. It introduced a new type of Bitcoinadres, which allows for increased transaction capacity, lower transaction fees and more privacy.

USA most popular among Bitcoin miners

For a long time China was the most popular country among Bitcoin miners, but after government intervention many miners moved to other countries. Today the United States is the most popular, where about 35% of the hashrate originates.

MicroStrategy invests €210 million in BTC reserves

Business Intelligence-softwarecompany MicroStrategy bought 21.454 BTC (+/- 210 million euro) as a hedge against inflation. For this company worth millions bitcoin is now the primary reserve asset.

Taproot is locked in

The 'Speedy Trial'-activation of Taproot has succeeded! Because of this the long awaited upgrade of the Bitcoinprotocol will be activated in November.

El Salvador recognizes bitcoin as legal tender

El Salvador recognized bitcoin as legal tender. That makes it one of the two official currencies of the country. El Salvador has also announced plans for a bitcoinwallet by the government and it is researching the possibilities of bitcoinmining with renewable energy from volcanoes.

Launch Bits

Bitonic has launched a new service: Bits. With Bits you can use automatic bank transfers to set up an automated recurring savings plan to periodically buy bitcoin. That allows you to achieve a more average price and save bitcoin bit by bit.

China acts against Bitcoin

China acted against Bitcoin and bitcoinmining. While there have been restrictions in China before it appears more serious this time and manybitcoinminers have decided to leave the country.

Bitonic is 9 years old!

Since today Bitonic has existed for nine years!

Preliminary relief judge mostly agrees with Bitonic

The registration at DNB appears to have characteristics of a licensing regime, stated the preliminary relief judge. The preliminary relief judge mostly agreed with Bitonic and called on DNB to reconsider the wallet-verification requirement.

Amount of Lightning nodes doubles in one year

The Lightning Network kept growing this past year. The amount of Lightning nodes doubled to 10.439 and the total liquidity in the network is almost 1200 BTC.

Podcast Het Nieuwe Geld

In the podcast Het Nieuwe Geld (Dutch) Reinjan Prakke investigates our monetary system: how it works, what it's faults are and how it will change in the future. Sponsored by Bitonic.

PayPal supports bitcoin payments

PayPal now also supports bitcoin payments.

Tesla invests in bitcoin

Car manufacturer Tesla has put $1,5 billion dollar worth of bitcoin on it's corporate balance and CEO Elon Musk proclaimed himself to be a supporter of Bitcoin.

Bitonic asks for files for preliminary injunction to be

relieved of wallet-verification requirement Bitonic disagrees with the wallet-verification requirement and has gone to court in order to verify the lawfulness of the requirement. Read our vision here.

Bitcoin is 12 years old

Twelve years ago Satoshi Nakamoto launched the network by mining the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain.


New euro price record

Today the previous price record of €16.960 was also broken.

American insurer invests in bitcoin

The American insurance company MassMutual invested $100 million in bitcoin (BTC). A milestone for the institutional adoption of bitcoin.

New dollar price record

Bitcoin broke the previous price record of $19.686 dollar per bitcoin.

Bitonic is registered with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB)

Bitonic is officially listed in the crypto-register of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). We have implemented all required measures and may now continue our services to our customers. In response to further questions, we outline our vision on the legal requirements. These originate from the fifth European Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) which is implemented via changes in the Dutch anti-money laundering law.

Bitonic registration green-lit by De Nederlandsche Bank

This afternoon we heard that the registration at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) was successful and we will be included in the register shortly.

New measures with regards to registration

Since today we have implemented (under protest) additional measures to verify bitcoinadresses. DNB obliged us to take these measures, referring to the Sanctions law. Read our news article for more information.

Podcasting 2.0

'Podfather' Adam Curry's Podcasting 2.0 starts with a decentralized network of podcasts, which connects listeners directly to podcasters and enables them to donate through bitcoin.

Lightning Pool first release

Lightning Labs released the first version of Lightning Pool, with which Lightning nodes can lend each other liquidity in order to open payment channels.

Today the Bitcoin whitepaper is 12 years old!

Today it is exactly twelve years ago that the mysterious and anonymous inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, shared a paper with the world:Bitcoin: a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. In only eight pages he described how Bitcoin should work.

Bitcoin upgrades Schnorr and Taproot

Schnorr and Taproot are another step closer. Recently the code to implement these new upgrades into Bitcoin Core was approved.

PayPal integrates bitcoin

PayPal will offer support for Bitcoin starting in 2021. PayPal users will be able to buy and sell bitcoin and also pay in bitcoin at 26 million merchants.

Faster blockchain verification with GLV Endomorphism

Recently the patent expired on GLV Endomorphism, a cryptographic method to verify digital signatures more efficiently. With this Bitcoin full nodes can achieve a 25% faster speed in synchronizing the blockchain. Bitcoin legend Hal Finney saw the advantages already in 2008, but now the patent has expired it can finally be implemented in the Bitcoin Core software.

UTreeXO: lightweight 'compact nodes'

UTreeXO introduces a new kind of lightweight Bitcoin node: the 'compact node'. Unlike Bitcoin full nodes UTReeXO compact nodes don't need to store gigabytes of UTXO's, but require only a small cryptographic proof smaller than a kilobyte. Compact nodes would however still offer similar levels of safety and privacy as full nodes.

Bitcoin Independence Day

August 1 is Bitcoin Independence Day: the day when we look back on the first User Activated Soft Fork (UASF) which took place on the same day in 2017. During the UASF users grabbed the power over the network; the conclusion of a long internal struggle within the bitcoincommunity between small and big blockers.

Hashrate back at record heights

During the Bitcoin Halving on May 11th the block reward that bitcoinminers receive for mining the next block of the blockchain was halved. Shortly after the hashrate of the Bitcoinnetwork dropped by about a third, but that quickly recovered. At this moment the hashrate is back at it's previous heights.

Electrum integrates Lightning Payments

Last week the long awaited version 4.0 of the popular Electrum bitcoinwallet was released, with several exciting new features. The newversion introduces support for the Lightning Network, Watchtowers, Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBT) and Submarine Swaps.

The Human Rights Foundation sponsors Bitcoin developers

The international human rights organization The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has launched a fund to sponsor the development of bitcoin. A first grant of $50.000 dollar has been awarded to Chris Belcher, a bitcoindeveloper working on improving the privacy of bitcoin throughCoinSwaps.

Bitcoin Pizza Day 2020

Today is the 22nd of May and that means it is Bitcoin Pizza Day! Every year on this day, Bitcoiners celebrate the magical moment that bitcoin gained monetary value for the first time in 2010: ten years ago, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 BTC to have two pizzas delivered home. Happy 10th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day!

New verification system activated

On april 21st the Dutch Senate voted in favour of new regulations regarding the Dutch implementation of the European Anti-Money Lau ndering Directive (AMLD5). These new regulations are expected to go into effect within several days and from that moment Bitcoin companies will have to adhere to the new rules.Because of this we have adjusted our systems and starting today our new verification process will go live.

Bitonic launches verification apps (iOS/Android)

Because of new regulations were are legally obliged to verify the identity of customers through their identity documents. To lower the barrier and increase the speed of verification Bitonic has developed an app (iOS/Android) which allows us to read the required data through NFC, so that you do not have to send in a picture. This saves time and is more secure.

AMLD5 regulations published in official gazette

Today the AMLD5 regulations have officially gone in effect in the Netherlands. The law was approved on April 21st of this year and waspublished today in the official gazette of the Netherlands. Because of this we have rolled out our new verificationsystem to adhere to the legal demands.

The 3rd Bitcoin halving has taken place

Today, around 21:25, the 3rd Bitcoin Halving took place. At that time, the amount of new bitcoins that can be mined per block halved from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. As a result, the cost price of new bitcoins doubled and annual inflation in the bitcoin economy fell from around 3.6% to around 1.8%.

Bitonic is 8 years old!

In the exceptional year 2020, Bitonic celebrates its 8th anniversary today. A new era has started with the new legislation and on top of that, the Corona pandamic has turned the world upside down. Therefore, Bitcoin is more important than ever because fiat money is worth less every day.

Bitonic has become a happy sponsor of Bitcoin Optech

Bitcoin Optech helps Bitcoin users and businesses integrate scaling technologies. This initiative is an important contribution to Bitcoin and therefore we feel it's important to support this.

Taproot & Schnorr Signatures official proposal

Last Tuesday, Bitcoin protocol programmer Pieter Wuille submitted a proposal on GitHub with changes to the Bitcoin Core code that allow the much-discussed Taproot and Schnorr Signatures upgrades. The proposal is an important milestone in the development process and represents the first concrete proposal to implement those technologies. Especially the Schnorr Signatures will be an awesome upgrade!

Twitter adds Bitcoin emoji #bitcoin

Social media platform Twitter officially added a Bitcoin emoji last weekend. From now on, when Twitterers use the hashtag #bitcoin or #btc, Bitcoin emoji will automatically be added!

Today Bitcoin is 11 years old

Today is the eleventh anniversary of the launch of the Bitcoin network. The first block, also called the genesis block, was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto on 3 January 2009, making the Bitcoin network a reality. Now, 11 years later, Bitcoin still exists and the network is stronger than ever before. Congratulations Bitcoin!


Bitonic has a fresh new look!

Today we are proudly launching our brand new website! A complete upgrade of our systems and a overhaul of our corporate identity. Our famous triangles have also been pushed to the next level.

The Lightning Conference 2019

The first official Lightning conference took place in Berlin. This event is a spiritual successor to the Berlin #LightningHackday series. But unlike the “barcamp” format of the previous developer-centric events, The Lightning Conference broadens its reach to also appeal to businesses and the larger community. Bitonic was a sponsor of the event, as we feel it is important to support Bitcoin development and initiatives that aid the technical consensus-building process.

Fiat deposits BL3P iOS app

Fiat deposits for the pre-alpha iOS testers are from today available. This is the next step to the complete BL3P app experience. Happy trading!

You can apply here:

Bitcoin Hashrate & SegWit transactions continue to reach All-Tim

Despite the recent decline in the bitcoin price, the fundamentals of the network looks better than ever before. The hashrate continues to break record after record and the adoption of SegWit increased several times in September to over 50%.

Bitcoin hashrate record 100 EH/s

Earlier this week SegWit adoption was for the first time above 50%, and now the Bitcoin hashrate has set a new record. For the first tme the hashrate was above 100 EH/s setting the record at 108,5 EH/s!

SegWit adoption above 50%

SegWit, the scaling solution that in 2017 was introduced with the UASF, creates more space in a Bitcoin block. Not every user makes use of this upgrade, but from today half the users do!

Bitonic welcomes the 40th colleagues!

Today Bitonic has welcomed the 40th colleague. This is a great milestone, but certainly not the last. Next one, 50th!

Sponsoring Baltic Honey Badger

Bitonic is this year again the proud sponsor of Baltic Honeybadger at Riga, Latvia. The Bitcoin event, which focuses on Bitcoin and surrounding technologies, was this year a success again. The speakers and panelists spoke about interesting subjects such as privacy, incentives, bitcoin threats, and the Lightning Network.

For more info and videos:

Sponsoring Scaling Bitcoin

Bitonic travelled to Tel Aviv to attend Scaling Bitcoin. This scientific and technical event full of interesting workshops was completely focussed on the Bitcoin-protocol. Erlay, Lightning Network, and Miniscripts were discused in great depth. Bitonic thinks it very important to support the Bitcoin ecosystem and therefore was one of the sponsors this year.

For more info and videos: Scaling Bitcoin 2019 or via

Lightning Hackday Berlin

The third Lightning Hackday took this year place in Berlin. Various speakers were here to talk in depth about the Lightning development and the associated technical innovations. Eltoo and Schnorr signatures, among other things, were discussed.

More info: Lightning Hackday Berlijn [Dutch]

Miniscript proposal

Pieter Wuille has created a special new language for smart contracts on Bitcoin. Miniscripit makes it easier for developers to create smart contracts or conditions for the spending of bitcoins. Again progress for the Bitcoin network!

Bitonic sells 400.000th bitcoin

A great new milestone for Bitonic. Today the 400.000th bitcoin has been sold. Both Bitonic and Bitcoin have grown a lot since 2012 and together they will keep growing!

400,000th bitcoin sold!

Since the founding of Bitonic in April 2012, we have sold our 400.000th bitcoin today. A memorable milestone for the Netherlands & Belgium. In April 2012, bitcoin was worth ~4.00 €, today the price is ~ 10,000 €.

Sponsoring Breaking Bitcoin

After the success of Building on Bitcoin last year is Bitonic again a proud sponsor. This year was it in the own city, Amsterdam! At the Beurs van Berlage interesting subjects such as privacy, security, and wallets were discussed. Bitonic was there in great presence, so a succesful event!

For more info and videos:

CoreDev Tech Amsterdam

Bitonic has always been involved in the developements surrounding Bitcoin. The Core developers maintain and enchance Bitcoin, and make the further growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem possible. That is why Bitonic is the proud sponsor of CoreDev meetings that this week were in Amsterdam.

Erlay proposal

A new proposal for the Bitcoin protocol of Maxwell, Pieter Wuille, Ivan Beschastnikh, and Sasha Fedorova would decrease the transaction bandwith of Bitcoin nodes by 75%. This is another stap in the development of the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Pizzaday 2019

9 years ago the first real-world transaction with bitcoin took place. It was the first time that an item from the “real world” was traded for 10.000 bitcoins. The items were two pizza’s! Now we can state that the pizza´s were very expensive, but it has been of great value for the representation of the value of bitcoin.

Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 release

Another upgrade for Bitcoin Core. Version 0.18.0 includes new functionalities, bug fixes, and improvement of the performance of full-node software. Additionally, the new Hardware Wallet Interaction (HWI) tool is also published. This upgrade makes the interaction with hardware wallets possible. To version 0.19.0!

BitMerchant service stops

For the worldwide adoption of bitcoin acceptance at webshops, websites, and stores are of great importance. We regret to inform you that we can longer support BitMerchant. However, we still have trust we will offer the service in the future, but why have not a specific date yet.

Sponsoring Grin Amsterdam

Bitonic always watches the innovation in the cryptocurrency space. Thanks to our years of technical expertise we have great trust in Bitcoin. Nevertheless, there is a great interesting project named Grin. Bitonic is therefore proud sponsor of this innovation and the Grin event in Amsterdam.

For more info and videos:

Today marks 10 years of Bitcoin blockchain

Exactly 10 years ago, the so called 'genesis block' was created: the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain. Satoshi Nakamoto made a statement by inserting the frontpage of that day's The Times newspaper into the code of this first block, as can be seen in the block data.

More information about this event:

Today marks 10 years of Bitcoin Blockchain


Celebrating 10 years Bitcoin whitepaper

Exactly ten years after the Bitcoin whitepaper publication, Financieel Erfgoed foundation and Bitonic host an event to celebrate the fundamental write-up of the Bitcoin protocol.

For more info about this event: Celebrating 10 years Bitcoin whitepaper

Building on Bitcoin

At the start of July, Building on Bitcoin, or just BoB, took place. Building on last year's Breaking Bitcoin conference in Paris, a large group came together in Lisbon. Bitonic was there to witness the talks and join the discussion. BoB focussed on further building the Bitcoin protocol and applications to use Bitcoin.

Bitonic's 6th birthday!

Celebrates its sixth birthday! Only six years ago, on May 1 2012, Bitonic was officially founded. This is a big milestone for us a a Bitcoin company, and will be celebrated as such…

BL3P welcomes new users

BL3P is growing and accepts new users again, upon invitation. A growing number of users embrace the platform, providing a stable backbone for future growth.


Bitcoin price reaches $10.000 mark

Bitcoin reaches the milestone $10.000. World news: Bitcoin prices surpass the ten thousand dollar mark. Bitonic makes the national news with an item in its Amsterdam office.

Failed Segregated Witness 2x

Segregated Witness 2x activation fails after rejection by the Bitcoin community. Regarded as an attack on the core blockchain, the battle results in a significant victory for Bitcoin.

Segregated Witness is a fact!

The activation of “Segregated Witness” (abv.: SegWit) in the Bitcoin Protocol is here. This is a huge step, meaning enhancements in security and scalability of Bitcoin.

Miners activate BIP91

A new step in the activation of Segregated Witness: miners activated BIP91. This brings the optimisation SegWit offers one step closer, a positive development for Bitcoin.

BIP148 is here

The bitcoin community shows its strength in a joined effort, by forcing an “User Activated Soft Fork” to enable Segregated Witness (SegWit). This is to ensure safe scaling and growth of the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin price $2100 & Bitcoin Pizza Day

Today the price of one bitcoin reached heights of over $2100 (€1895), breaking its previous all-time-high record. Cause for celebration, more so as today marks the 7th anniversary of the first time bitcoins represented real-world value: two pizzas were purchased for 10.000 bitcoins in 2010 :-)

-BL3P live throughout Europe!

BL3P live throughout Europe!

BL3P, the Dutch Bitcoin exchange by Bitonic, is available to all European countries starting today. Anyone living in the SEPA zone with a SEPA bank account can now sign up and start trading bitcoins at BL3P.

Segregated Witness activated on Litecoin

Segregated Witness (SegWit) will be active on Litecoin in two weeks. Litecoin is one of the first altcoins that started in the early days of Bitcoin. By activating SegWit Litecoin is now more technically advanced than Bitcoin: higher transaction capacity and ready for innovations such as the Lightning Network.

-Bitonic opens second office in Amsterdam!

Bitonic opens second office in Amsterdam!

Bitonic started in Driebergen and moved to Baarn in April 2014. In 2017 we opened a second office in Amsterdam to facilitate our growth and ambitions :-)

In addition to at our office in Baarn we will now also be able to receive you at Weesperstraat 394-396 in Amsterdam!

-Bitonic is celebrating its fifth anniversary!

Bitonic is celebrating its fifth anniversary!

Bitonic was officially founded five years ago, on May 1, 2012. This is a significant milestone for us as a Bitcoin company, so Bitonic will be celebrating throughout May!

Birthday Bitonic

Bitcoin price reaches all-time-high

It’s official, the price of a single bitcoin is higher than ever. The previous all-time-high was in 2013, when bitcoin was traded for prices up to $1175 on several Bitcoin exchanges. Today, the price is higher than it was in 2013. A historic moment in the history of Bitcoin.

Today is Bitcoin's 8th birthday!

The first block in the Bitcoin blockchain was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto on January 3rd, 2009 - eight years ago.

2017 is now live! is now live! is a new initiative by Bitonic. Our mission is to provide reliable and current news for all information relevant to Bitcoin. A good source of information is an important starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about Bitcoin.

16 million bitcoins have been mined

The sixteen millionth bitcoin was mined today in block number 440.000. The block reward of 12.5 bitcoins in this block pushed the total amount of bitcoins in circulation to over 16 million.

Segregated Witness integrated in Bitcoin Core 0.13.1.

After an extensive testing period on the Bitcoin testnet, this is the first version of Bitcoin Core to include Segregated Witness for the Bitcoin mainnet. Miners are now able to signal that they will switch to this implementation. Segregated Witness will activate when 95% of the miners support the switch.

Bitcoin mailing list announcement by Pieter Wuille

-Scaling Bitcoin 2016: Retarget — Milan.

Scaling Bitcoin 2016: Retarget — Milan.

It has been 10 months since the last Scaling Bitcoin workshops took place in Hong Kong, China. This year the workshops were held in Milan, Italy. Bitonic was a sponsor of the event, as we feel it is important to support Bitcoin development and initiatives that aid the technical consensus-building process.

Read our report Scaling Bitcoin Milan

-Dutch Blockchain Conference 2016

Dutch Blockchain Conference 2016

Today, the Dutch Blockchain Conference 2016, previously Dutch Bitcoin Conference, took place. It was hosted at the KPMG headquarters and tickets for the event were completely sold out - "Blockchain" is hot ;).

Bitonic sponsored the event. In addition, we launched a proof-of-concept that provided every attendee with some tokens that could be exchanged for other tokens. A successful day with many positive reactions. Read more about our proof-of-concept and our new service called ownchain

-Report Scaling Bitcoin workshops part II - Hong Kong, China

Report Scaling Bitcoin workshops part II - Hong Kong, China

A while ago part II of the Scaling Bitcoin Workshops took place and a lot has happened since then. After the first workshop in Montreal, this time also two representatives (Jouke & Niels) from Bitonic traveled to Hong Kong to attend the second workshop.

In this report we would like to not only refer to the Hong Kong event, but also to the events that occurred in the meantime. We discuss in this report the roadmap of Core Developers, the difference between a soft forks and hard forks and the status of a number of developments, such as Lightning Network.

Report Scaling Bitcoin II


Invitation only developer events for hacking together on Bitcoin-Core and related projects. The Bitcoin-Core development team is distributed all over the world. Sometimes is good to come together and discuss and work face to face.

Bitonic was sponsor

More info:

-Bitonic exist four years!

Bitonic exist four years!

May 1 we already existed four years and this is traditionally celebrated with a BBQ @ HQ Bitonic

BL3P live in The Netherlands!

After testing in the closed beta phase, BL3P is now open for everyone in The Netherlands with a bunq bank account. We tested and optimized BL3P, with help of the users from our beta phase. Thanks for your testing and feedback!

You can register at BL3P if you have a bunq bank account. Are you not yet using bunq? Download the bunq app and open a free bank account.

Launch of Segregated Witness Testnet

This represents one of the most hotly anticipated and exciting developments to date that is an important foundation for many future improvements and innovations. Segregated Witness frees up space on the Bitcoin blockchain by securely moving transaction signature data to a specially delegated “Segregated Witness” data structure outside of the transaction block.


Benefits of SegWit

-Bitonic  Puzzle 2016!

Bitonic Puzzle 2016!

Just before New Year, we sold our 200 000th bitcoin! We are very proud to have come this far and would like to thank our customers for making this happen.

To celebrate this, we created five bitcoin-related puzzles. The solution to each puzzle was a key required to start (and sometimes solve) the next.

The puzzle is still online: Puzzle 2016

-Scaling Bitcoin workshop II - Hong Kong, China

Scaling Bitcoin workshop II - Hong Kong, China

Part two of the Bitcoin scalability workshops. While the first conference served as input to solutions, focusing on analysing the problem, this conference serves as output; here, solution to the problem are presented.

Read more on:

-Report Scaling Bitcoin workshops - Montreal, Canada

Report Scaling Bitcoin workshops - Montreal, Canada

Bitonic attended the 'Scaling Bitcoin' workshops in Montreal, a conference aimed at exploring the issues and hurdles surrounding Bitcoin's scalability.

We wrote about our findings here here.

Scaling Bitcoin workshop I - Montreal, Canada

In recent months, the Bitcoin development community has faced difficult discussions on how to safely improve the scalability of the Bitcoin network without affecting its decentralized nature. To aid the technical consensus building process, there is a pair of workshops...

Read more

-BL3P is TabTrader ready!

BL3P is TabTrader ready!

Our exchange BL3P has been integrated into TabTrader.

TabTrader is a free mobile trading terminal. Fast price charts with technical indicators, drawing and trading directly from charts. Includes widget. Price alerts by push notifications. Newsfeed from Reddit, Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine.

Download the App from here

Bitcoin 'stress-tests'

Due to a large influx of transactions the last few days the Bitcoin network is under pressure. Apart from a record breaking number of transactions being handled by the Bitcoin network, there are few problems as a result of this stress-tests.

A new milestone-Bitonic sells 175,000th bitcoin
A new milestone

Bitonic sells 175,000th bitcoin

Today we sold our 175,000th bitcoin!

To reach this milestone, we only needed a bit more than 3 years. 200,000 bitcoins, here we come!

-Dutch National Bitcoin Congress 2015

Dutch National Bitcoin Congress 2015

Today the second Dutch National Bitcoin Congress was held, organized by Rutger van Zuidam and Vincent Everts. Last year the event was held at ABN AMRO, this year it was held at the ING Head Quarters.


p>Our colleague Jouke was interviewed by Vincent Everts and asked about the experiences he’s had with Bitonic and Bitcoin in the Netherlands. The day was a success, with many interesting speakers. Bitonic not only sponsored the event, we also took care of the access badges and we were hosting a stand at which people could experiment with Bitcoin.



We’re already looking forward to the 2016 edition! If you want to get an impression of this year’s event, click here

-Ordina/Bitonic seminar in cooperation with Holland FinTech

Ordina/Bitonic seminar in cooperation with Holland FinTech

Today we organized our 3rd joined event with Ordina. During this edition we enjoyed the cooperation of Holland FinTech - a huge gain!

In a seminar hosted by George van Hout, a full room listened to many very interesting speakers. The theme was: 'Enabling the sharing economy', on which different experts gave his or her vision on today’s technological changes.

For more information about this seminar: Seminar Enabling the sharing economy

-3-year anniversary

3-year anniversary

We celebrated our 3-year anniversary traditionally with a BBQ

-Bitonic Fintech Award winner

Bitonic Fintech Award winner

Today Bitonic has won the Dutch Fintech award in the Bitcoin category - one of the awards for the most promising financial startups. This is an achievement which we are very proud of!

Bitonic reaches milestone!

The sale of the 150,000th bitcoin is a fact.

Thursday, January 15, 2015 we have reached a new milestone: the 150,000th bitcoin is sold through! Something we could only dream of when we started our company less then three years ago with a stock of 100 bitcoins.


First supermarket in The Netherlands to accept Bitcoin

Spar Arnhem Central station accepts bitcoin starting today.

Payement provider NCR announces:

Their system will support bitcoin payments in the near future.

Paypal gets along with bitcoin

Donations Bits of Freedom

using Bitonic

Starting today, the bitcoin donations to the Dutch electronic freedom foundation Bits of Freedom are handled via our BitMerchant.

Dell accepts bitcoin payments

Music service Grooveshark accepts bitcoin

Newgg accepts bitcoin

The American webshop Newegg, with a revenue of over two billion dollars a year, now accepts bitcoin.

US Marshals auction Silkroad-bitcoins

The American invester Tim Draper wins all ten blocks of a total of almost 3.000 bitcoins. accepts bitcoins for hotel reservations

DISH announces to be accepting bitcoins soon

Mollie integrates bitcoin as payment method through Bitonic

Bitcoin payments receiving in euro through Mollie. With this you can accept worldwide Bitcoin payments without any risk.

Bitonic celebrates 2 years!-Actually in April, officially May 1st, 2014.
Bitonic celebrates 2 years!

Actually in April, officially May 1st, 2014.

On May 1st 2012 Bitonic officially opened, with only 100 bitcoin in stock (valued at about 5 euro a piece at that time).

Bitcoin at Bloomberg

Bloomberg shows the bitcoin exchange rate within their Professional service

Chicago Sun-Times accepts bitcoin

Moved again-Oude Utrechtseweg 17C, Baarn
Moved again

Oude Utrechtseweg 17C, Baarn

We needed more space, from only 30 m2 to more than 170 m2.

Milestone:-Bitonic sells its 100,000th bitcoin

Bitonic sells its 100,000th bitcoin

In less than 2 years we've sold our 100,000th bitcoin, which is also a milestone for Bitcoin in the Netherlands.

MtGox confirms retrieval of 200.000 bitcoins

De Nederlandsche Bank: 'bitcoin is very innovative'

MtGox offline

Bug creates technical problems

Several Bitcoin services are affected

Withdrawing bitcoins temporary not possible at MtGox

Apple removes Blockchain-app from app store

Charlie Shrem (BitInstant) arrested at JFK

An exchange

Exchange BL3p (private beta) launched

We released our exchange platform, codenamed BL3p, to a select group of test users. The trading engine has been developed by an external party with years of experience in the financial world.

Fidor Bank introduces Bitcoin derivatives market accepts bitcoin

Winning Poker Network also accepts bitcoin.

Zynga accepts bitcoin payments

For Farmville 2 and other games.

License request:-Guided by: Enigma Consulting B.V.
License request:

Guided by: Enigma Consulting B.V.

January 1st we officially started the request for a license with the Dutch Central Bank. We hired Enigma to help us in this process.


Value Bitcoin reaches peak: $1240

Even more valuable than gold.

Bank of America publishes report:

Values bitcoin at $1300.

China's payment processors tells:

don't trade with bitcoins.

Bank of China forbids trading bitcoin

Crash to $600, but recovers to $900.

-Bitcoin reaches a new milestone: $1000

Bitcoin reaches a new milestone: $1000

The Fed chairman Ben Bernanke speaks:

Bitcoin has a promising future. accepts bitcoin

Bitcoin in the dictionary

Meanwhile the word bitcoin is mentioned in the Dutch dictionary Dikke van Dale.

-Merger Bitonic & BTCNext

Merger Bitonic & BTCNext

Bitonic is taking over BTCNext! Pieterjan Goppel will be the third addition to our team!

FBI closes Silkroad

FBI takes up 26.000 bitcoins.

-BitMerchant Live

BitMerchant Live

Starting now, (web)shops will be able to accept bitcoins as payment through BitMerchant!

Gyft accepts bitcoin

Anniversary-Bitonic was founded one year ago!

Bitonic was founded one year ago!

Bitonic's first anniversary will be celebrated at our new offices in Driebergen.

Bitcoin reached the value of $ 200

Bitcoin on Dutch evening news

Moved-Office in Driebergen

Office in Driebergen

Until now Bitonic was operated from Robert's living room, the time had come to get some office space.

Bitcoin reached the value of $ 100

Market capitalisation reaches 1 billion dollar

2013 accepts bitcoin

ECB publishes about Bitcoin

The European Central Bank has published a document about e.g. bitcoin.

Selling bitcoins

Bitonic will start buying bitcoins through our website.

Customers will now be able to sell their bitcoins to us. The funds will be transferred the next business day. This makes trading bitcoins much easier and faster, now that no international bank transfers to exchanges are involved.

-Registered KVK Bitonic v.o.f.

Registered KVK Bitonic v.o.f.

Bitonic B.V. originally started as V.O.F. on May 1, 2012.

Lift off!-iDealcoin launched
Lift off!

iDealcoin launched

Within 24 hours we served our first customers. becomes becomes

"Bitonic", an anagram to Bitcoin, will be our new brand name starting June 12, 2012.

Baby steps-iDealCoin
Baby steps


Before Bitonic, there was:

Jouke Hofman, Robert de Waard & Niels van Groningen-Find a solution to a problem
Jouke Hofman, Robert de Waard & Niels van Groningen

Find a solution to a problem

Buying Bitcoins was pretty difficult in 2012. Jouke, Robert en Niels made it their mission to solve this: Buying bitcoins easily using the Dutch payment system iDeal. closes

Tradehill, One of the biggest bitcoin-exchanges at the time, closes for business because of persistant problems with financial partners.

TV debut for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is introduced in popular culture via American tv series "The good wife"


Wikileaks accepts bitcoin donations

1 bitcoin equals 1 dollar


2 pizza's sold for 10,000 bitcoin

Must have been the tastiest pizza ever ;)


First bitcoin-transaction

Less than two weeks after the Bitcoin network officially started, the first registered bitcoin-transaction is propagated.


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